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New Beginnings!

The Board of AITP-LI/NYC is pleased to announce that our organization has amicably separated from CompTIA-AITP and is now affiliated with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

New Name
The new name of our group is now the New York Metro ACM Chapter.

Same Great Events
… such as networking gatherings at the Northport Yacht Club

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, the CIO panel, the annual boat trip, the technology showcase, and more!

Same Known Chapter Leaders
… including Barbara Viola, Bob Barone, Don Boyle, Ken Mole, Michael Mortensen, John Impagliazzo, Will Clark, Debra Wakefield, Doug Munch, Joseph DeCarlo, Sergio Diaz, Walter Ebe, Ed Friel, Risé Jacobs, Dawari (LJ) Longjohn, Larry O’Rourke, Lorraine Rizzuto, Jerry Schwartz

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To give you some understanding of this decision , please realize that in October of 2016, AITP National had transferred control to CompTIA, which placed AITP within a corporate structure. The Board of the Long Island Chapter of AITP (AITP-LI) felt that its objectives were no longer consonant with those of CompTIA AITP. In our quest to do what is best for our local membership, we have decided to become part of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), an international organization that is the world’s first and largest professional computing society, active since 1947.  See www.acm.org to learn more about ACM and the many benefits it provides to its members.

The New York Metro ACM Chapter will honor AITP-LI chapter memberships for the term of their AITP-LI chapter membership, if renewed prior to 1 May 2018. Upon expiration of their chapter membership, former AITP-LI members will be able to join the New York Metro ACM chapter for the cost of $49 per person. Although there is no requirement to become a member of ACM international, we welcome New York Metro ACM chapter members to join this parent organization. Additionally

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, former AITP-LI chapter members may wish to continue their membership with CompTIA AITP national.

New Website
Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new site. We will also have a new registration system to make it easy to register for membership and events.

Barbara Viola
New York Metro ACM Chapter

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